Roof problems? No problem!


Here’s a Secret…

The number one secret most roofing companies don’t want you to know is that they’re not really in the business of repairing roofs.

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Roof Repair in Los Angeles

Whatever type of roof you have – shingles, gravel, tile, asphalt, etc. – Matrix’s expert technicians and inspectors can check it out for you…

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Roof Cleaning

So, it’s spring cleaning time. Or fall cleaning time. Or maybe just, “I finally have some time and I can finally get around to it,” cleaning time.

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Preventative Maintenance

Have you heard the old joke about the best way to hide a body? Put it in a tree because no one ever looks up. That really is true…

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Roof problems? No problem!

Matrix Roofing is a full service roofing company, offering superior customer service to both residences and businesses. We also offer emergency services.

At Matrix, our roofers have years of experience and are fully dedicated to your comfort and convenience. When you call us to check out a problem with a leaky roof in your Los Angeles Home, you can count on us to find it and fix it, and get it right the very first time.

Matrix Roofing can solve all your roofing issues quickly, easily, and with an eye toward your budget. Don’t pay for work that you don’t need – call Matrix today at 1-877-5555 to speak with a roofing specialist

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  • Commercial Roofing
  • Emergency Services
  • Roof Repairs


Here’s what some of our customers have had to say about their experience with Matrix Roofing.

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