Preventative Maintenance

Have you heard the old joke about the best way to hide a body? Put it in a tree because no one ever looks up. That really is true – when was the last time you looked at your roof to assess it for damage? Many people never do that, and it’s unfortunate because your roof requires regular maintenance.

Roofing materials like tiles and shingles typically have a long life, but the sealants that are used to keep them in place do not. Most sealants are only good for a couple of years. And if the sealants aren’t properly installed, they can actually begin to crack and fail in just a few months.

This is why regular roof maintenance is so important. You need to have the sealants replaced before your roof becomes damaged. At Matrix, we can check your roof for any issues and perform the preventative maintenance and roof repair you need in Los Angeles. We offer both one-time and continuing maintenance programs to help keep your home free of roof leaks. Call us at 1-877-5555 to arrange an inspection.

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